Fuzzies Artist Statement

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I make my art because, regardless of whatever else is going on in my little world, creating art simply makes me happy. I am drawn to touch and the unexpected texture in objects I encounter, and how something subtle like a texture shift can change peoples’ willingness to handle a familiar object, as if for the first time. I love color, and texture, and all things cute, and from that love grows my process of making something for others to experience anew.

For me, my work represents my playfulness in an adult world, and trying to maintain the excitement I feel when I’m surrounded by vibrant colors and inviting textures. I spend so much time immersed in clay, finding an understanding in how important touch is for my work to exist and come to life. The soft colorful texture on my glazed ceramic jars is my way of creating an opportunity for that experience of touch to move into the viewer. 

My work is inspired by the playful ferocity that I experienced and accepted in the world as a child. I stumbled into this body of work through the notion of maintaining the pure happiness that comes from making my art. For me, my work means happiness, and excitement for my life at present. It means remembering to explore my surroundings without bias, and remembering that really knowing something through sight is not the same as knowing something I’ve touched and held.