September 27, 2019: September has really flown by! I had the most amazing time at El Rancho de las Golandrinas for the Santa Fe Renaissance Festival and I am so grateful for all the support and excitement around the event, both from customers, and the vendors and staff who make it such a magical experience! I’ve had a week to reflect on the successes and shortcomings that I experienced, and I am now gearing up for the Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day, happening this Sunday, September 29th. I am overjoyed at having the opportunity to participate in this event, and I cannot wait to meet all the vendors, volunteers, and staff. And, of course, all the open-minded people who will be turning out to participate, learn, and enjoy this day of spiritual celebration! In the short time that I have been in the deep end of this whole “being an artist” thing, I have discovered that events like the Renaissance Festivals, and Pagan & Celtic days give me that feeling of coming home. I feel both exhilarated and rooted in who I am and the Artwork I make. And that sense of wholeness radiates forth every time someone connects with my work, and takes that little bit of me home with them.

August 28, 2019: As we head into the end of summer, I am both relieved and excited! This summer has sprouted a larger array of leafy designs, and a greater understanding of the glazes I use and their relationship with textured patterns. September is almost upon us, and I am overjoyed to be showing this summer’s Natural Magic collection at the Santa Fe Renaissance Festival at El Ranchos de las Golandrinas here in New Mexico on Sept. 14th and 15th. I will also have my leather style mugs, cups, and steins, as well as a couple other surprises that I have in the works! If you are in NM and are a fan of Ren. Fairs, or have yet to attend an even such as this, I highly recommend checking it out, and be sure to stop by and say hi! Closing out September, I have also been invited to Albuquerque’s Pagan Pride Day, on Sept. 29th! I have several batches of Natural Magic pieces, that were designed specifically for this event, including smudge bundle dishes, and I literally CANNOT WAIT to share these new designs with the world. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @miss.mary.alice to see what I am making, and if there are any designs you are hoping to see in my December Etsy restock, let me know! Especially if you live outside of New Mexico!

February 11, 2019:  The new year has brought many new opportunities in a short amount of time! In the next couple of months I will have three new works on paper in the show, Inspired!, curated and organized by the New Mexico Art League in Albuquerque, NM. December and January gave me ample time to dive into a new body of work, outside the realm of ceramics, and I am overjoyed to be selected to participate in this spring show!

A second blessing this spring, I will be diving into the world of weddings as a vendor at the Not Your Mother’s Bridal Show in April! This event is organized by Events by Musicology, and will take place on April 28, 2019, at Santa Anna Star Center in Albuquerque, NM. I am super excited to be part of such a unique bridal show, and I am making new, couple and wedding party inspired art work for this one of a kind event!

December 4, 2018: I’ve been accepted into the Clay Arts Vegas Cup Show! The opening reception will be held on First Friday, January 5th, and the exhibit will run January 4, 2019 through February 24, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here to check out Clay Arts Vegas.

November 22, 2018: New Mexico Artisian Martket is happening this weekend! Support local artists!

March 11, 2018:  Life has be moving right along! 

This Month marks the grand opening of Collected Hands Studios in Old Town, Abq. NM. I’m so excited to be a contributing artist at this amazing local home decor shop! Be sure to check them out on instagram if you haven’t already @collectedhandstextiles. I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to create a home decor line specific to this store, featuring vases, jars, and other items in an array of spring inspired colors and feelings. Check out my Home Decor line.

This weekend also brought the culmination of months of learning and working in the delicious new medium of CHOCOLATE!!! Chocolate Fantasy is a yearly fundraising event for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science. Wow. What an amazing event filled with all the chocolate you could ever eat, the most jaw dropping works of chocolate art, and incredible volunteers, chefs, performers, sponsors, and donors all gathered to support a great cause! It was an absolute honor to be invited into this delightful world of chocolate sculpture, and I hope to participate in future events to support the museum of my childhood. Check out images from Chocolate Fantasy 2018.

And lastly, I am heading to Pittsburgh, PA for the NCECA conference! Every year I meet more artists than I can recall, collect more business cards than I can keep organized, and never seem to make it to every talk, demo, or show that I want to…and it is absolutely one of my favorite parts of spring! Every year is a new experience and it is both humbling and invigorating for the soul. A new city hosts thousands of passionate potters, educators, manufacturers, and distributors for the love of clay and the spread of knowledge. I’m so excited to get to check out the City of Steel this year, and see what so many hard working artists are making! If you are attending NCECA, say “hello” if our paths cross, and don’t forget your donation for the cup room–one of the coolest rooms to visit at the conference! Here’s my donation for this year’s event:

October 19 2017: Come down to OctoFair after the balloon fiesta and enjoy some food, drinks, and local art! I’ll be there on Saturday, 10AM-4PM with my newest work!

June 10 2017:  In the coming months, I will be doing a little bit of expansion on my website! I have some functional wares that I am super excited about and would like to spread a little love with! My Naked Booty Mugs will be the newest section addition and I am just overjoyed about them ^_^  These mugs showcase the clay-bodies I use in all their natural beauty. There is something I find to be satisfying and almost sexy about the raw clay’s texture in contrast with the supple gooey glaze that adorns it. Everyone can appreciate a nice round booty, so keep an eye out for these hotties!   If you are interested in catching a glimpse of these sooner, check out my instagram for more colors and body types @miss.mary.alice.

May 25 2017:  This past Tuesday I was a guest speaker at the School of Dreams Academy! It was a fantastic experience and a really good time. I would like to take this moment to thank Mr. Ogas, the Principal; Mr. Stephens, whose classes I spoke to; and the students. Everyone at the School of Dreams Academy was welcoming and enthusiastic, and I’m so pleased to have been part of that scholastic community for the day! 

May 20 2017: The Duke City Ceramics show at 5G Gallery was a great success, thank you to everyone that came out to support local artists! Check out the Exhibit Gallery for more pictures.

April 23 2017: This is the last week of the Duke City Ceramics show! We will be having a closing ceremony this Friday – the 28th. Thank you to all the artists, friends, families, and 5G for such a great opening, and I’m sure the closing will be a blast!

Meet Mary at Last Friday! 5G Gallery, 5PM-9PM April 28th.